Corporate Events

  • "Eventful Planners exceeded all my expectations in organizing, planning and most importantly running the gala. They kept our costs under budget which was due to detailed preliminary planning and there were no surprises! Every aspect of the event was executed perfectly. I look forward to our 2012 gala."

    Dr. Andrew Cheng, Chair, Bhutan Dental Mission Gala

  • “We use Eventful Planners for all our event needs! Eventful Planners exceeds all expectations in organizing, planning, execution and most importantly keeping our costs down”

    Rick Diamond, Founder & Owner, Diamond Delivery

Wedding Planning

  • "Eventful Planners provided numerous suggestions and input handled with professional calm and competence. While I can honestly say my wife was the low maintenance one of the two of us, I definitely put Eventful Planners through their paces with my “groomzilla” like requests. They excelled and I cannot recommend them enough to any couple looking to plan their perfect wedding day."

    Becky & Colin

  • "We can not say enough amazing things about the team at Eventful Planners. Planning a destination winter wedding in Banff was an undertaking and with our dedicated event planners they made sure every last detail was executed flawlessly. When we arrived we were confident that we did not need to worry about one thing. Trust us do not plan your wedding with out their help!"

    Shanna & Colin

  • "We were so glad to have Eventful Planners for our wedding to assist us and make our wedding day perfect and unforgettable. Without them our wedding would not have been complete. Thank you so much for all your help leading up to our special day."

    Christina & Brendan

  • "A wedding and reception are not simple affairs. Every bride has been picturing their day for years, and I was no exception. The amount of work required organizing a destination wedding and separate reception is quite imposing, so I turned to the team at Eventful Planners for their help."

    "We were so pleased with our wedding and the reception, and I owe it all to the team at Eventful Planners. They cared about our big day even more than I did, making it their personal goal to throw the best reception we ever could have imagined. Our guests were astounded at the beautiful details and the perfect execution shown that day. Thanks to Eventful Planners, our reception became the new standard for my friends to live up to!"

    Jade & Desmond

  • "Eventful Planners was amazing and we thank their team for all their help. We would recommend them to anyone. "

    Catherine & Andy

  • "We can honestly say we thoroughly enjoyed our wedding day, which, considering all that we had planned, was something that we thought would never happen! The team at Eventful Planners was able to take a lot of the stress off of us. Just knowing that they would be able to take care of anything that could possibly go wrong or need to be attended to brought us a great sense of relief."

    Hana & Greg